When you must change your web hosting?



A change of web hosting is generally quite complex - database backup, data transfer, mail mailboxes, etc. Not infrequently, this leads to failures, which can be particularly harmful in the case of a commercial website. If it is not absolutely necessary, the change of the hoster is therefore gladly avoided. However, there are situations that require a move to another host, for example, because its bad performance has a negative impact on the site.

We will show you in which cases you should consider a change of hosting.

Reasons for a change of host

1. Bad website performance

A bad website performance such as a low loading time or even failures of the website can be on the side itself or at the hoster. Therefore, you should first check whether your page is the cause. There are a lot of free tools for loading time, like PageSpeeds Insights from Google or webpagetest.org. If the delays and failures are the result of the hoster, a change is recommended in any case, because a website that does not work reliably will not be received by either Google or the user.

It can also be that the website has become too much for the chosen tariff and maybe just an upgrade with the same host solves the problems. If this upgrade is not possible, but only by a manual move, another hoster should be chosen, because upgrades are possible with most hosters without effort for the website operator and cost only little or are partly even free.

2. Bad support

As long as the website is running well, a poor support may be a minor problem, but it is difficult if you need quick help, for example, webpage failure, error reporting or setup questions. It is extremely important, for example, that the host can be reached free of charge (without expensive service numbers) 365 days a year for its customers. Problems or questions can also occur on weekends or on holidays. Since it is important that the provider is achievable and can help compensively, so that one can work quickly.

3. Hoster solutions do not match your own ideas

It may also be that the solutions offered by the Hoster simply do not correspond to what you imagine when managing the website, even if it was at the beginning of the website development.

4. Location of the servers

Also a server location outside of USA can be a big problem. Only at a server location in USA can one be sure that the data must be processed according to the laws.

Select a new Hoster carefully

Even if one or more of the above points are true, you should not try hovering. Look carefully at the new hoster before you make the change. Evaluations and recommendations are a good starting point. But also the details of the services should be exactly to your expectations and wishes. Check also if there is a separate hotline for new customers. In most cases, such hotlines are much more accessible and the employees are more friendly than hotlines for existing customers. Also check alternative ways to contact support, for example, is there a live support chat?

Of course, you do not want to buy the cat in a bag. So look for collateral. If the request provider offers you a hedge such as a 100% satisfaction guarantee including money back guarantee. And if so, is this time unlimited, as long as you are a customer or is this only valid for a limited period?

Take your time and check carefully. Hosting is about trust. It is about your data and your business. An over-hasty decision can cost a lot of money in the worst case!

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