What is the technology of web hosting?



Internet users read the term hosting or webhosting. Some can not do anything with this term, others may be looking for exactly the same, but do not know how to evaluate the different offers. These questions I try to clarify here.

Webhosting refers to the technical provision of content on the Internet. This requires a server, a computer that is always online and makes these content available to the Internet users. You need a very large Internet presence and a lot of experience, so that the running of your own server is worthwhile. So you can go back to hosting providers (or providers) who do this for you. On the server lies not only the own side,

Hosting for a normal private or company web site is not expensive. If you are willing to display advertisements (popups, etc.) on your website, which you can not determine yourself, it often costs nothing.

The price also depends on what you need. Domain name and e-mail addresses should always be there. Similarly, any half-good SSI provider should support, which can be a lot of work in the maintenance of the pages can be saved. PHP and Perl support are usually more expensive (but they are also cheap), ASP costs more, exotic things like Zope or certain CMS (Content Management Systems) are generally very expensive. If you need database support, MySQL is recommended, which is often offered free or very cheaply. A very large purse allows things like Oracle. In which point the different providers also very strongly differ is the access to the logfiles. From these it can be seen how many visitors were on which pages and how they came there. This is indispensable for professional or semiprofessional sites.

What is the provider, the provider of hosting? First, it checks if the desired domain is free and reserves it. Then it provides contractually agreed storage space, traffic (transmission volume) and the specific functions. It allows to upload the necessary files for the website (usually via FTP). And last but not least, it makes sure that the page is always accessible under the corresponding domain (a value lower than 99% in accessibility is hardly acceptable). Support can not be overlooked.

The market is confusing and subject to constant change. For orientation, industry portals and regular reviews can be helpful to the providers in trade magazines. There are many product categories, and you can get everything from shared hosting through vServer to cloud hosting. Especially shared hosting products are particularly favorable, but if you want to receive more professional packages, you have to pay more. In most cases it is possible to make a compromise between price and performance. Important criteria in the selection are the one-time and monthly costs, the scope of services, the speed of connection and the scope of the available services.

Another possibility of webhosting is the cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is a technology of hosting, which is characterized by its flexibility. The data is hosted directly in a cloud, which saves a lot of administrative work, but also distributes resources more flexibly.

The availability refers to the time during which a technical system (eg., the server on which a website is hosted) is secured online. The availability is usually expressed in percent and for a one-year period. Therefore, the following formula is given for your calculation: Total time = 365 days per year x 24 hours per day x 60 minutes per hour = 525.600 minutes per year.

An availability of 99% per year means that a server can not be reachable up to 3.65 days per year. Or in other numbers 7.20 hours per month or 1.68 hours per week. If a website is not available, one speaks in the period of a downtime.

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