How important is web hosting support?



When choosing the right web hosting provider, there are a lot of things to consider. But apart from the price and the technical achievements, there is another component which has a great influence on the reliable operation of the web site: the customer support of the web host. Even high loading times can have a very negative impact on sales, especially in commercial websites such as onlineshops or web services. This is where the support comes into play. But whether this actually holds what is promised in the performance description of the web host is often found only in case of an emergency when an acute problem occurs.

When it comes to customer support, it's like having an insurance. In the best case you do not have to take the two. But unfortunately, neither in life nor in web hosting does not always go as planned. An unexpected hard error, a flawed software update or, in the worst case, even a hacker attack. There is a large number of potential threats that could paralyze their own web presence. But not only a complete failure, already high loading times can have a negative effect on sales, especially in commercial websites such as online shops or web services. This is where the support comes into play. But whether this actually holds what is promised in the performance description of the web host is often found only in case of an emergency when an acute problem occurs.

What criteria should the support of a web hosting provider fulfill?

To ensure that you do not have to worry about bad surprises in the event of an emergency, you will find here a list of various criteria which should be taken into account when selecting the web hosting provider:


The first thing to note is the availability of the support. Here, on the one hand, the available communication channels, on which one can reach the customer service of the web hosting provider and on the other also the availability of the support. Typically, support requests can be sent by e-mail or can be transmitted via a ticket system made available specifically by the web hosting provider. In this way, problems can be directly addressed to the customer service, without having to write the request. Nowadays, many companies are often offering additional communication channels for support requests, such as via the social media channels.

Reaction time

Of course, the reaction time also plays an important role in the context of availability. Because it is very useful to the customer. Clearly the offerer is reachable around the clock by mail, but how quickly can one also expect an answer? Tickets, which are broadcast on Friday in the afternoon, will not be answered until Monday morning after the weekend. In the best case a phone hot line should be available, which is busy around the clock.


Another important criterion is the quality of the support. The customer service staff should have sound expertise to assist customers with questions and problems directly. Particularly in the case of larger web hosting, customers usually first land in a call center, where the problem can be recorded, but not directly solved. After all, you do not want to be fed up with standard responses but have a satisfactory solution to the problem immediately.

Costs and goodwill

Another important point to consider is the individual rules for costs and goodwill. Some web hosts now offer different support levels. If you want a better service, you have to dig deeper into the bag and use a paid premium service. This can be especially useful for business users who earn money with their website and a serious failure of the website entails serious problems. But also private users are looking forward to a customer support, which also gives sometimes more detailed tips and not just service according to regulations. For example, questions about the software used are often not answered, since they are not a paid service of the provider.

Customer Comments

An excellent way to inform yourself about the features and services of a potential web hosting provider in advance is customer experience. In the web hosting forum, prospective customers can find numerous genuine customer feedback on the various providers on the market, in order to get an impression of the service in this way.


When selecting a web host, you should pay attention not only to technical key figures such as memory or storage space, but also other criteria, such as the support offered. Only in this way can it be ensured that problems with their own web presence can be solved quickly and easily in case of emergency.

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