How to create your own website?



The number of websites on the Internet is constantly increasing. But how do you get your own content on the net? Should you create a webpage yourself or rather have it created by specialists?

Create your own website

To create a web page itself requires two important factors. On the one hand, one must have the necessary know-how and, on the other hand, one must also have enough time to deal with the project. Anyone who has never created a website, and who has little use of tools and programs on the Internet will probably find it very difficult to create their own website. However, there should be people who like to get involved in a matter and find a great pleasure in implementing projects independently.

If your own web presence is to be created from the ground up, then skills in HTML and CSS are essential. If you also have more extensive online features with a higher range of functions, Which should also know the script language PHP and also know about databases such as MySQL. Especially for websites with dynamic content and features such as e-mail function or shopping carts and payment processes in online shops, such knowledge is indispensable.

If you do not want to deal with the subject matter as much as you can, you can also rely on prefabricated content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla. These offer a certain basic framework for their own web presence, which only needs to be adapted to their own wishes and expectations. By using so-called themes, individual designs can be realized and the functions of the own website can be extended individually with the help of plugins. Although a CMS provides the technical framework for its own website, some knowledge of how to deal with the respective system is necessary. And just when it comes to customizing small details or unexpected errors, there is often no way to get past the code behind the system.

A further possibility to create the website itself is the homepage building kits. These are easy-to-use editors, with which you can create your own web presence directly with only a few mouse clicks. However, the great advantage of a simple operation also entails the greatest disadvantage of such building kits. Individualisation of the own website is only possible to a very limited extent. Websites from the modular system are all relatively similar and can not usually be equipped with individual functions. If you want to make a really unique and functional website online, this variant is therefore rather badly advised.

Anyone who plays with the idea of having their website created should definitely have an adequate budget at their disposal. Instead of spending valuable time in creating your own online presence, a service provider can be charged with this project. There are two different approaches.

On the one hand, a web agency can be commissioned with the creation. These are small to large enterprises with several employees who accept and process customer orders. The advantage here is above all the size, structure and experience of the service provider. Agencies are usually well organized and can already have a lot of experience with similar customer projects. They provide a clear cost estimate and are always available to the customer. Due to a pool of several employees, deadlines can always be adhered to. The communication and coordination both internally and with the customer runs very well and professionally. Of course, the whole thing has its price. The commissioning of an agency usually proposes a comparatively high cost.

On the other hand, an independent web designer or freelancer can be commissioned instead of an agency. The advantage here is above all the direct contact and the often lower costs compared to an agency. Since a freelancer is usually alone and the commissioned work itself carries out, a direct contact is possible. Small details and individualizations regarding your own website can therefore be communicated and implemented with less effort. Because of the lower fixed costs and smaller structures, self-employed web designers can usually offer their work with an equally good performance at a somewhat lower price. If you only have a limited budget available to create your own website, working with a freelancer is often the best solution.


Basically, the question is whether the website itself can be created or created only if there is sufficient know-how or time for training. If this is not the case, there is no way of passing a service provider. Anyone who likes to implement projects and has sufficient time or expertise can also deal with the website creation itself. If you do not want to deal with this task and have enough budget available, you can also create the website.

Whether you create a website yourself or commission a service provider to create it, in any case an appropriate web hosting is required in order to ensure that the online presence is reliably achieved in the network.

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