What to choose: cloud or traditional web hosting?



It depends on your requirements. But cloud is only another form of web hosting. It is more complex form of web hosting, which does not guarantee any extended stability of service.

Remember the Amazon’s cloud meltdown? And it happened with the world’s biggest cloud provider. Cloud is a hype in marketing world, but technically there's no any super advantages over traditional web hosting services. With cloud web hosting there's no way to avoid downtime when the provider has a major outage. And while lots of websites and other services delivered over the internet took a hit – by one analyst firm’s estimate, the outage collectively cost hundreds of millions of dollars! With traditional web hosting you have more control. You can optimize everything on lower levels, or create specialized high quality stable solutions, which are impossible on generic black boxed cloud services.

Another recent example: "Major outage shuts down Office 365 in U.S., Europe". It is a massive web application based on cloud services. The same question appears, why do you need this cloud application? Come on, man, using clouds just for editing text files? What about traditional offline applications? Not overhyped anymore?

Be careful when you choose all this "modern" "revolutionary" cloud solutions for business-critical tasks. What works perfectly in theory, doesn't always work in practice.

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